“I just want to let you know that I got a 2290 (420 point improvement from the pre-test) on the SAT!! Thank you so much for helping me and getting me ready for the SAT!”

Drew (SAT prep course student)

“Thanks for all you do to help get these kids into the right colleges.”

Lyn (parent)

“My son’s score went up over 250 points after your course, which opened quite a few doors.”

Jamie (parent)

“Hey, Mom. Did you get Dr. DuPree’s email? I am NOT going to drop Honors Bio, but I am going to replace speech with a study hall, as much as it kills me to do it. I have decided to do that, so I am not so overwhelmed. She really helped pick me up, and she said that I am way ahead of the game. She said that I needed to be looking at top colleges because I had such a well rounded curriculum. She really helped me, too.”

Mary (student)

“Thank you for spending so much time and effort with us this afternoon. It was most helpful.”

Martha (guardian)

“Thank you for arranging our participation in the college fair – it was great to see our students overcome nerves and impress reps from terrific schools, whether they were beginning their searches or making important face-to-face contacts as seniors. The college fair was invaluable for my daughter. As a junior she gathered lots of information from prospective schools, and as a senior she made those important personal contacts which “count” during the application process. My son will definitely participate! Thank you for taking our students to the college fair – what an amazing opportunity during each stage of the college search!”

Robyn (parent)

“So enjoyed your off-to-college letter to my son and his classmates. When are you going to start a blog, website and/or write a book ?!!”

Peggy (parent)

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I took the SAT prep course and it was very helpful! My score improved over 200 points and I learned many skills and ways to approach questions on standardized tests. Definitely worth taking!

  2. Thank you so much for taking your time to tutor me! I signed with Brenau yesterday and will start school at the end of August. You truly had a big impact in my life and we’ll definately recommend you to anyone who needs help. Thank you again!

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