Information for Enrollees

Pre-Test and Family Conference:

At the Pre-Test we will arrange a time for each student and his or her parent(s) to come for a test strategy planning and course orientation one-on-one meeting.  We will call parents during breaks to confirm a time, so be sure to have easy access to your calendars during test time.  At this meeting we will also answer questions about college planning as time permits.


For all tests, students will need to bring pencils and calculator.  

For classes, student must bring books and a pen or pencil.  

Students should bring books, calculator, pen or pencil, and vocabulary cards to each tutoring session.

Tutoring Schedule:

Tutoring sessions will be set at the first class meeting. Please check schedules for ball practices/games, rehearsals, etc.  We work hard to accommodate the schedules of each student in setting the schedule.  Changing tutoring times after the schedule has been set involves re-arranging the schedules of four people, so changes are difficult.  Please be on time.  The schedule is tightly arranged, and any lateness reduces your tutoring time.

Individualized tutoring allows us to structure the class to each student’s needs, whether the goal is a score of 1500 or 2400.  Preparing homework for these sessions is a critical element of success.