Important Message for Juniors for January 11, 2015

JUNIORS: The time has arrived for you to become masters of the SAT and ACT! The ideal plan is to take the prep class that begins Sunday, January 11th, take the SAT in March and the ACT in April, and repeat the test that fits you better in May (SAT) or June (both tests). Most students are good for about three sittings before they burn out, so don’t waste one of those being unprepared. With this plan you can focus on applications next fall. Contact Dr. Jean DuPree at 678-849-5158 or for full information NOW! I look forward to answering your questions, and I LOVE teaching students how to beat this test. Our average improvement over the past ten years is consistently 210 points. FYI, the new format of the SAT will take effect after you are finished testing, Juniors.

Missed the Pretest?

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the pretest for the class to prepare for the October SAT and ACT tests. We can always make arrangements for you to take the pretest at home. Give me a call, and we’ll make a plan.

Colleges That Change Lives Fair

One of my favorite college fairs comes to Atlanta this Wednesday, August 13th. This is a small fair, good for introducing even freshmen or sophomores to the college process Forty0two schools hand selected by Loren Pope, author of Colleges That Change Lives for many years, come together for an excellent information session followed by the fair. One thing I like about this fair is that, while the schools may too small for a student, eyes are opened to the many wonderful opportunities available at colleges other than tailgating and greek life. Students then seek those same opportunities in colleges that fit them well, whether they are represented at the fair or not. I have sent many students to the colleges represented bu Mr. Pope, and I have never had one regret the choice. Pretty good track record for them, I’d say. For details as to time and place, go to the calendar or

It’s August! How’d that happen?

A pre-test this Sunday, August 10th (make up August 17th ) begins our first SAT/ACT Prep Course for the school year at DuPree College Prep, where our average improvement has been 210 points consistently for a decade. The first class will be referred to as the October class, even though it begins in August; it is designed to prepare students for the October tests.

Please contact me at (678)-849-5158 (new number) or if you are interested.

Target audience for this class consists of:

•    Juniors who scored highly on the PSAT last year. The PSAT falls right at the end of the October class, and the strategies we use are the same for both tests. I’ve had a number of students who received National Merit recognition, Star Student, or merit scholarships based on test scores and who readily admit it wouldn’t have happened without this class.

•    Juniors whose extracurricular loads expand exponentially after October

•    Seniors who need better scores for the colleges they want to attend. For many universities, the October tests (SAT and ACT) are the last opportunity.


•    Contact me at 678-849-5158 or to tell me of your interest and ask questions.

•    Complete this registration form.

•    Make out a check to Jean DuPree for $625 (no price increase for four years!), and

•    Bring it all to the Jacobs Building (on Green Street between the Post Office and the tiger statue) at 1:30 Sunday August 10th (makeup August 17th).

Bring a calculator, pencils, and erasers, and be prepared to take a real SAT test. You will be working until about 5:30 pm. And please tell your friends.

Juniors – Preparation Help for June SAT and ACT Tests

I will be offering a course to prepare for the June SAT and ACT tests during the weeks between finals and the June 7th SAT. We will meet most days over a two-week period for either a pre-test or post-test, a three-hour class, or a one-hour tutoring session to review two hours of homework. It will be intense, but it will all be over quickly. This type of focused preparation fits some students perfectly.

JUNIORS, YOU NEED A TEST SCORE THAT REFLECTS WHAT YOU CAN DO BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS IN THE FALL. That way you can select colleges that are likely to accept you, others that are ideal fits, and dream schools that would be wonderful, but acceptance is not likely. You will have the summer to research and visit a list of prospective colleges so that in the fall you are ready to apply. Once your senior year starts, your plate will be extraordinarily full.

Contact me at or 678-849-5158. 

Contact Us NOW By Monday, March 24th To Join – Delayed Start for Last Spring Class

There is still time to join a class to prepare for the May and June SAT tests and the June ACT. If you are interested, please email or call me at 678-849-5158 by Monday March 24th. We are planning a meeting this week to set a schedule that works for all interested students, and I want to be sure your schedule is considered. This will be a full course over a slightly condensed timeline. Juniors who finish testing this spring will be able to identify colleges that fit their credentials and have time to visit and apply under much less stress. Testing, visiting, and applying as seniors along with the senior year coursework, activities, and leadership responsibilities makes for a really full load.

Enroll Now! Last SAT/ACT Prep Class This School Year Starts Saturday, March 15th

The last SAT/ACT prep class for this school year begins this weekend, Saturday, March 15th, pretest and Sunday, March 16th, class one.  If you and/or your friends are interested, please phone or text me at 678-849-5158 or email me at as soon as possible.  If you can’t make some or part of the weekend, we can make arrangements. Juniors should finish their best testing this SPRING, so they know which colleges are appropriate to visit this summer and apply to this fall.  In the fall applying to colleges will be a full-time job. I can help you select colleges and maximize your chances of admission, too.

Slight Change in Class Schedule

After consulting with the class at the pretest, I determined that meeting on Saturday, February 1st was not feasible for many.  Therefore, each meeting date will shift back one position and the last tutoring date will be added on Saturday, March 1st. For example, Class 2 will meet from 2:00 to 5:00 on Sunday February 1st, shifting the second tutoring session to Sunday, February 9th.  I am in the process of updating the calendar this afternoon, so it should be complete by 1:00 pm today.  Thank you.

There is still time to join this class, which will prepare students to add an average of 210 points to their total SAT scores.