Fall Test Prep Classes

REGISTER FOR FALL SAT/ACT PREP CLASSES NOW The time has arrived to register for fall SAT/ACT prep classes. The class to prepare for the October SAT and ACT begins August 16th. The registration form is to the right on the home page, and the complete calendar for the year is available on the calendar page.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES RELATING TO THE REDESIGNED SAT The first SAT using the redesigned format will be the March 2016 test. However, two important points you should note. First, most colleges will super score the old test and the new test together, meaning the top math score from any test and the top reading from any test will be combined regardless of new or old format. The new format looks considerably harder to me – math focusing on lots of word problems, for example. I would start taking the exam early fall of the junior or even sophomore year, particularly this year. Second, the October 2015 PSAT will use the NEW format. If you think you have a chance at some recognition – 92nd percentile and above on the sophomore PSAT – and would like to prepare a bit, I can help you, but only if you contact me early.