How to Use the Summer Well

How could you use the summer productively?

Rising Seniors – You can finalize your college list, prepare your resume, and get a college essay written. The resume and essay can be used for nearly every application. I can help you with all these tasks. You cannot imagine how busy you will be this fall; using the summer to get some things done will improve the quality of your senior year. Most applications online until early to mid August are for last academic year, so wait to complete applications. (Auburn is an exception; that application is already up.)

Rising Juniors – This summer is prime time for visiting colleges and building your resume. I can help you develop a list of colleges that fit you well and make suggestions as to how to round out your resume. The PSAT this October will use the new SAT format, and I can help you prepare.

Rising Freshmen and Sophomores – You have time to sculpt your resume into a thing of beauty, and I can help you plan a way to use your interests to maximize the appeal of your resume.

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