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College applicants come in all shapes and sizes with varied interests, talents, and abilities.  The secret to college admissions is to be yourself but to package yourself so that college representatives can appreciate well the unique and marvelous you.  DuPree College Prep is dedicated to helping students find the best way to maximize their credentials and present themselves to the colleges that fit them best.

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To enroll in the upcoming Test Prep Course, please fill out and return the Registration Form with your check.


We will be offering a summer class beginning with a pre-test on June 25th. since the College Board has dropped the January test in favor of an August test. This is the best time to prepare for the SAT and ACT because school will only overlap with the last bit of the course. The full calendar is available on the calendar pages of this website. We will be finished in time to be ready for the August 26th SAT and the September 9th ACT. This new schedule allows seniors to test twice after the course and have both scores count for even the earliest admission deadline dates. Call or text me at 678-849-5158 or email jean.dupreecollegeprep.com. This is a wonderful opportunity.

October Class Over Half Full

The class to prepare for the October SAT and ACT begins August 7th and is already just over half full. The registration form on the home page and a check for $675 are required to hold a seat. Keep those cards and letters coming.

March SAT Class Forming Now

March will be here before you know it. Class begins January 10th, and it is time to register. I hope to see the equivalent of our usual 210 point (of 2400) improvement on the new test. Given that the SAT is changing dramatically, I expect a large turn-out and will accept the first 20 to submit a registration form and check for $675. IF there are empty seats, past students may sit in for free, as always, and may participate in four hours of tutoring for $200. We can provide pretest and post-test experiences for an additional fee. Call or text your number to 678-849-5158 or email me at jean@dupreecollegeprep.com.

January Class Possible

I have been approached about doing a class to prepare for the January SAT. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. We’ll meet before and after Christmas break mostly, with the possibility of a meeting or two during the break at a mutually agreeable time. If we can get a small group together, I’m game. Spread the word please.


The last class scheduled under the old SAT format will begin on September 27th to prepare for the December SAT and ACT. SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS should take the old format with plans to take the new format, if needed. Those who take the course under the old format this fall can sit in on the new format class starting in January FOR FREE. I promise you’ll thank me later. The new test is HARD, and colleges are going to accept either test for the classes of 2017 and 2018. Give me a call, y’all, at 678-849-5158.

Radio Broadcast on Sept. 10th

Dr. DuPree will be the guest of Russell Brown on his drive time program Afternoon News Wrap on Thursday, September 10th. We will discuss the revised SAT, provide time for phone calls, and cover some college planning topics, if time permits. Please listen in, share with friends, and call in. The segment begins at 6:19.

Fall Test Prep Classes

REGISTER FOR FALL SAT/ACT PREP CLASSES NOW The time has arrived to register for fall SAT/ACT prep classes. The class to prepare for the October SAT and ACT begins August 16th. The registration form is to the right on the home page, and the complete calendar for the year is available on the calendar page.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES RELATING TO THE REDESIGNED SAT The first SAT using the redesigned format will be the March 2016 test. However, two important points you should note. First, most colleges will super score the old test and the new test together, meaning the top math score from any test and the top reading from any test will be combined regardless of new or old format. The new format looks considerably harder to me – math focusing on lots of word problems, for example. I would start taking the exam early fall of the junior or even sophomore year, particularly this year. Second, the October 2015 PSAT will use the NEW format. If you think you have a chance at some recognition – 92nd percentile and above on the sophomore PSAT – and would like to prepare a bit, I can help you, but only if you contact me early.

How to Use the Summer Well

How could you use the summer productively?

Rising Seniors – You can finalize your college list, prepare your resume, and get a college essay written. The resume and essay can be used for nearly every application. I can help you with all these tasks. You cannot imagine how busy you will be this fall; using the summer to get some things done will improve the quality of your senior year. Most applications online until early to mid August are for last academic year, so wait to complete applications. (Auburn is an exception; that application is already up.)

Rising Juniors – This summer is prime time for visiting colleges and building your resume. I can help you develop a list of colleges that fit you well and make suggestions as to how to round out your resume. The PSAT this October will use the new SAT format, and I can help you prepare.

Rising Freshmen and Sophomores – You have time to sculpt your resume into a thing of beauty, and I can help you plan a way to use your interests to maximize the appeal of your resume.

Text or phone me at 678-849-5158 or email me at jean@dupreecollegeprep.com

Time to Register for SAT Class

Juniors: The first meeting for the group preparing for the May SAT is this Sunday, March 8th at 1:30.  You need to try to be finished with testing this year, so you can concentrate on applications in the fall. Give me a call at 678-849-5158 for information.

Sophomores: If you are on an accelerated math track, this may be the right time for you to take the course, also. Get in touch.